piston  rings

piston rings
piston ring More than 2000 specifications for over 400 kinds of vehicle. Our annual output reache

piston rings

1) Materials: chromium alloy (cast iron containing chromium and molybdenum)

2) HRC40 at room temperature

3) High heat stability

4) Corrosion and wear resistant

5) Adapts to high rotation speeds and high loads

6) Meets the matching requirements of new models

7) Series available: Mitsubishi, Mazda, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Honda, Toyota ,NISSAN,HYUNDAI,KIA,
Packing:According to per customers' requirements TP/RIK/NPR/KS/PC/SM/MAHLE/GOETZE/COFAP/TRW/


piston ring for toyota 1Y,2Y,3Y

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